Purdon Groves

Purdon Groves: Peaceful Farm-to-Table Glamping near Corsicana, Texas

Where nature inspires and connections flourish. 

Escape the city and embrace the tranquility of Purdon Groves, the ultimate Texas farm stay and glamping retreat near Corsicana, Texas. Immerse yourself in nature, surrounded by lush groves and free-ranging animals. Popular add ons to reserve ahead of your stay are farm-to-table meals, private farm tours, and catch-and-release fishing. Experience the magic of napping in a hammock, swinging under majestic oak trees or making s’mores around a campfire. Check out their special events, like weekend brunches and yoga retreats. This outdoor oasis offers a luxurious glamping experience with spacious glamping tents and a Boho inspired skoolie catering to couples, families, and groups. Just a short drive from Waco and Dallas, it's the perfect getaway for an unforgettable glamping adventure.



About Us

Driven by a shared love for nature and the desire to nourish both body and soul, Sherry and Houston embarked on a transformative journey. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the East Coast, they found solace and inspiration in Texas. With Purdon Groves, they bring their vision to life, offering a sanctuary where guests can reconnect with nature, indulge in farm-to-table experiences, and find true serenity. It's a testament to their unwavering passion and commitment to creating transformative experiences for others.