Khushatta Hills Ranch

Discover Khushatta Hills Ranch: Luxury Camping near Lake Livingston, Texas

Escape to peace and tranquility near Lake Livingston, Texas.

Just 5 minutes for Sam Houston National Forest, camping at Khushtta Hills Ranch, and is the perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a comfortable place to stay after a day of adventure exploring Lake Livingston, or the 128-mile Lone Star Hiking Trail. The charming town of Coldspring is just a short drive away, with plenty of opportunities to explore local shops, restaurants, and attractions. Book your stay and enjoy a calm and peaceful glamping weekend in East Texas surrounded by rolling hills, beautiful forests, and the sounds of nature with all the modern amenities you need to truly relax. 



About Us

Ingrid, owner of Khushatta Hills Ranch is a retired educator, and air force veteran who has always wanted to offer an escape to peace and tranquility. Her family has owned this beautiful piece of land on the doorstep of Sam Houston National Forest for over 5 generations.

From the origins of Khushatta Hills Ranch in 1871, the women in her family have cared for the land, using it to grow local produce to feed multiple families in the area, to now opening the space for visitors to relax and enjoy. Ingrid is passionate, and ambitious, and wants to continue her family legacy with this luxury camping site near Lake Livingston. Her goal has been to create a modern and eco-friendly environment by establishing a community of luxury camping in Texas. The work and determination from Ingrid have created a unique glamping experience in a serene and secluded location that all guests will undoubtedly enjoy.